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  • Listening to: Yozoh, Salyu, Pony Music :D
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That's right I am finally going to start commissions! I've been wanting to do this for a while now!
I will only be able to receive money through paypal however. If you don't exactly know how to do so check out :iconetuix:'s tutorial…
Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty yeah?

    Sketch: $3 (+$1 per add'l pony) Vector: $9 (+$4 per add'l pony) Ponify: $10 (vectored; +$5 per add'l pony) Simple MLP Comics: $25+ (Four panels or less, includes BG, vectored)

What I won't draw
  • Gore: No bloody missing limbs, guts, eyeballs hanging from sockets, decapitation, ect.
  • Rule 34: No porn.
  • Yuri/Yaoi m/m f/f: No dating, flirting, kissing, or anything sexual/romantic between same sex characters.
  • Anything related to religion, politics, or holidays: Pretty self explanatory. If your curious why I won't draw holiday related stuff, note me :D

What I can draw
  • Injured ponies. Cuts, bruises, bleeding, ect.
  • Dark ponies: Ponies who became evil or discorded, ect.
  • Friendship: Sleeping/cuddling together, playing, laughing, ect
  • m/f relationship: Dating, hugging, flirting, kissing, ect between a male and female. Nothing erotic.

    Title: Commission request type. E.g. "OC Sketch Commission" Pose: what you want the post to be like. Describe or link me to a similar pose. Color palate: If you want to commission me your OC, give me his/her color palate please! Don't just TELL me the colors, GIVE me the colors. It's much easier this way. But if you don't mind spending an extra dollar I can make the color scheme for you :P Appearance: Describe his/her body structure. Is he big and lean or tiny and scrawny? Is she a pegasus, unicorn or earth pony? How old are they? Any eye patches, hats or scarfs? Personality: Is he a grump? A goody-two-shoes? Extremely shy? Arrogant? Background Story (optional): Doesn't need to be long. Just enough so I have a better understanding of what you want.

If I accept your commission I will give you my paypal and your commission slot number. I will not start your commission until I get paid first however. As I draw I will show you the process. Sketch > Lineart/vector > Finished product.

When I am finished I will send you the finished drawing (.PNG file) as well as the .SVG file (only if you want it) if the product was a vector. Here's a list of programs that can open a .SVG file I suggest Gimp or Inkscape cause they're free xD



Ponies... who knew?
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